This summer, the JVRP returns to Legio, the base of the Roman VIth Ferrata Legion, next to the biblical site of Megiddo. Established during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian (117–138 A.D.), the base controlled imperial roads, with direct access to the Galilee and inland valleys of northern Palestine—important centers of the local, occasionally uproarious, Jewish population. Excavations so far have demonstrated clear ties to major political and cultural events in the formative years of Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity and have provided an incredible new window into the Roman military occupation of the eastern provinces.

Get dirty, make discoveries, meet people from around the world, explore Israel!

Come dig with us!

22 June to 19 July 2019

4-Week Archaeological Field School

Academic Credit Available!

The Jezreel Valley Regional Project (JVRP) is a long-term, multi-disciplinary survey and excavation project investigating the history of human activity in the Jezreel Valley from the Paleolithic through the Ottoman period. This project strives for a total history of the region using the tools and theoretical approaches of such disciplines as archaeology, anthropology, geography, history, ethnography, and the natural sciences, within an organizational framework provided by landscape archaeology.

Volunteer on an archaeological excavation in Israel!

Get dirty.

Make discoveries.

Meet people from around the world.

Explore Israel!

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