Tell Abu Shusha


Tell Abu Shusha

Tell Abu Shusha is the name given to a mysterious hill by the Ottoman era villagers who lived on its summit. Tantalizing historical and archaeological clues suggest that buried within are the remains of ancient Gaba Hippeon, a city founded by King Herod as a base for his cavalry forces. This garrison guarded the northern borders of Herod’s kingdom from the Phoenicians and secured one of the most important trade routes across the Levant, the Via Maris. In Herod’s day, part of this “Way of the Sea” helped connect the pagan Decapolis cities such as Beth Shean, Gadara, and Hippos to the massive port of Caesarea and from there into the Roman world. Gaba Hippeon was established to secure this lucrative trade network. But there’s more to Abu Shusha than Herod and Roman luxury trade… archaeological surveys indicate that the site may have guarded this pass thousands of years earlier…!

Come join us to discover what ancient stories Abu Shusha has to tell! 

Research Goals

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Mazar, Benjamin (ed.). 1988. Archaeological Discoveries at Tell Abu-Shusha, Mishmar Ha-Emek (Israel: Israel Exploration Society, Hakibbutz Hameucha [Hebrew]).


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