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Tel Megiddo East: The Early Bronze Age Settlement of Megiddo


Excavations by the Tel Aviv University Megiddo Expedition from 1992 to 2010 discovered the monumental Great Temple of the Early Bronze Age I. The massive 1100 sq. m. broad-room-style temple has proven to me themost monumental single edifice so far uncovered in the EB I Levant and ranks among the largest structures of its time in the Near East. The magnificent temple is now well-known but the larger urban landscape, the home of its builders, has never been explored. Since 2010, the JVRP has been excavating the site of Tel Megiddo East in an effort to elucidate the society responsible for the construction of the Great Temple.


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Previous Excavations

Current Excavations

The 2010 Summer Season at Tel Megiddo East

The 2010 Winter Season at Legio and Tel Megiddo East

The 2011 Summer Season at Tel Megiddo East

The 2012 Summer Season at Tel Megiddo East


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