Jezreel Valley Regional Project Archaeology and History of a Regional Landscape

JVRP Alumni

2011 Season

Kathy Anderson

M.J. Burgener, University College London

Hannah Clarke, Oxford University

Tricia Coletto, University of Exeter

Chloe Chalem, University College London

Chiara Crean, Oxford University

S. Amberly Emery, University of Georgia

Sarai Finkelstein

John Fitzgerald, Penn State University

Sharon Greuling

Baruch Halpern, Penn State University

Cecelia Holm, Williams College

Katie Hunt, Pacific Lutheran University (Artist)

Nadia Knudsen, University College London

Mark Kramoltz

Nick Kraus, University of British Columbia

Yulia Kushenko, Tel Aviv University

Kelly Makee, Naples American Highschool

Caitlin Marsh, Bucknell University

Naomi Miles, Australian National University

William Morin, Cambridge University

Todd Murphy, University College London

Rachel Nabulsi, University of Georgia

Julia Nations, Rice University

Tom O'Donnell, Oxford University

Vivienne Pearce

Raphaela Primus, Bennington College

Lisa Randisi, University College London

Alina Sherman, Carleton University

Yoon Kyung Shim, Cornell University

Becky Simon, Chapman University

Amanda Smith, University of Georgia

Stephanie Steinke, Newcastle University

Michael Terdeman, Gettysburg College

Jessica Tomkins, Oxford University

Stone Wilters, University of Alabama

Mark Ziese, Cincinnati Christian University

2012 Season

Dan Devery

Vivienne Pearce

Tricia Coletto, University of Exeter

Nadia Knudsen, University College London

Adina Zion

Andrew Monthey, Gettysburg College

Robert David Royce, (University of Tennessee

Zach Mecartea, Fresno City College

Simon Hochberg, Brown University

Stephanie Steinke, University of North Dakota

Becky Simon, Drew University

Annie Shanley, Emory University

Nicole Caldwell, Cabrillo College

Robyn Price

William Morin, Cambridge University

Ryan Gardner-Cook, Boston University

Leah Goeke, Bucknell University

Andrea Galvis Nazario, University of Puerto Rico

Kathleen Cescon, University of Delaware

Emily French, Bucknell University

Joy Williford

Carie Elswick

Catherine Pasqualoni, University of Maryland

2013 Season

Viv Pearce

Tricia Colletto, University of Exeter

Anna Maria Delle Donne

Emily French, Bucknell University

Robyn Price, University of Virginia

Ryan Gardner-Cook, SUNY, Stony Brook

Kyle Robert McMahon Murray, San Francisco State University

Seth Price, Grand Valley State University

Stephen Schuil

Zack Mecartea, Fresno City College

Lynne Navarro

Annelies Van de Ven, University of St. Andrews

Susan Bailey, University of Redlands

Isabelle Rupp

Timothy Kasckow, Loyola University Chicago

Vesa Kosonen, University of Helsinki

Billy Morin

Heather Ebner

Kate Cescon, University of Delaware

Harley Roberts, St. Edward's University

Rochelle Ashlee Coxon

Lue Lau

Shannon Ells, Catholic University of America

Stephanie Behan, San Francisco State University

Adina Zion

John Van Nuys, Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church

Bill Bailey

Gene Lopez, Fresno State University

Christopher Duff, San Francisco State University


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