Jezreel Valley Regional Project Archaeology and History of a Regional Landscape


"The natural environment provides the physical underpinning of the cultural landscape"

                                                                        (Wilkinson 2003: 15)

The natural environment is an essential aspect of understanding past human activity in terms of the impact of the environment on societies and the converse impact of humans on their environment. This portion of the project is a broad-scale study in human ecology and earth sciences commissioning a series of diachronic landscape and environmental studies. A wealth of data exists on many aspects of the natural and human-influenced environment, but no major syntheses of this data have attempted to describe the Jezreel Valley in detail. The product of this research will be a monumental collection of essays in which multiple aspects of the paleoenvironment are presented.

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Herbs and medicinal plants

Springs and water courses


Fish and water creatures


Stone and Mineral Resources

Clay Resources

Roads and Tracks


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